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Cashback and Rebates

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Getting cashback after buying an item is exciting. There are so many sites that offer cashback and rebates that staying organized and knowing where to go can get confusing.  I being an active user of these sites and apps am here to help.

Online only:

Be frugal:

BeFrugal offers Cashback for online purchases at over 5,000 stores and guarantees that their rates are the highest. They give shoppers over 100% of commissions that they earn for driving traffic to a store’s website. How they do it? They have strong relationships with retailers; the promotional spending they do with BeFrugal means they can share all of their commissions with you, the consumers.  On top of the cashback BeFrugal features coupons and deals for over 50,000 stores, including all of the largest 500 online stores in the USA. Also, Befrugal’s online coupons are guaranteed to work. If you sign up you will be eligible for a $10.00 sign on bonus. Sign up here.

I consumer:

At iConsumer, every member participates their success by earning stock as they shop. Plus, members get FREE Bitcoin for shopping. Yes, you heard right Bitcoin!It’s a completely new way to build a company. It’s the one place where shoppers are truly invested in the digital future.  iConsumer offers cashback for online purchases for over 1,700 top stores.  If sign up you will be eligible for 100 shares in the company. Sign up here.

TopCash back:

TopCashback’s fundamental goal is to save American and Canadian consumers money on all their online shopping. Just like BeFrugal, they give ALL of the store’s commission rate back to the consumer and they don’t charge their members any fees either. They also the only cashback site that doesn’t have a minimum payout threshold, and you can cash-out as many times a year as you want. Keep in mind that many other cashback sites have a  $5.00- $25 dollar threshold for cashing out. Another added bonus of TopCashback is they often run bonus earning promotions and cash giveaways. If you sign up you will be eligible for a $10 sign on bonus. Sign up here.

Online and In-store:



Ebates offers Cashback for online and select in-store purchases. Ebates is one of the oldest cashback sites out there. It was the 1st one I signed up for. With the eBates app sometimes, you can earn more cashback. Ebates also offers the Ebates Cash Back Visa® Credit Card where you can earn an extra 3% cashback on your Ebates shopping trips with the Ebates Cash Back Visa® Credit Card. Plus, earn 1% cashback anywhere Visa is accepted.If you sign up you will be eligible for a $10 sign on bonus. Sign up here.

Fetch Rewards:

Fetch Rewards is a newer app and I just started using it. They offer points for scanning grocery store receipts.  Participating brands earn points in two ways. They are called Base Points and Bonus Points.Every participating brand listed on a receipt will earn Base Points determined by the dollar amount of the item. You will also receive individual item Bonus Points as well if the price for that item exceeds the target price (this is based on an algorithm that is constantly changing). The total number of points for each item will be listed next to that item on each receipt (Base and Bonus Points). Just for scanning receipts, you may earn points.The points can be redeemed for gift cards. It has taken me some time to get to just a $5.00 gift card. I recommend using this app in conjunction with other similar apps in order to maximize earnings. Sign up here and be sure to enter my referral code PF5CF and you will earn 2,000 points which is the equivalent to $2.00.


Ibotta is a top-rated app for earning rebates that is transforming the shopping experience by making it easy for consumers to earn cashback on everyday purchases through a single smartphone app.With Ibotta you can earn rebates by scanning your receipt, linking loyalty cards, and by mobile online shopping. Ibotta partners with leading brands and retailers to offer offers on groceries, electronics, clothing, gifts, home and office supplies, restaurant dining, and more. This one of favorite apps. If you sign up you will be eligible for a $10 sign on bonus. Sign up here


Cashout51  allows consumers to earn cashback on everyday purchases via a single smartphone app or your computer.  You earn rebates by scanning your receipt.  Cashout51 has some similarities with Ibotta but one key difference is with Cashout 51 you can earn money from online purchases as long as you scan the packing slip for an eligible item. Sign up here.

Saving Star:

I have to say Saving Star is very similar to Checkout51 because often times the offers overlap. Saving Star offers automatic-savings stores, use your registered loyalty card at checkout as you normally do. For receipt-scan stores, take a picture of your receipt and submit through the SavingStar app or website. Sign up here.


Tips for staying organized and maximizing your cashback potential:

  • Make a list of what you need before you go to the store or even shop online. Also look at things you might run out of in the next 1-3 months and add those to the list.
  • Look at all the cashback/rebate apps or sites depending if shopping in-store or online. I usually go with however is running the highest cashback percentage.
  • Often times, especially during Holidays the cashback sites, offer double or more cashback, sometimes it literally pays to wait.
  • Look for coupons- you don’t need to look far because of sites like Top cashback, Ebates, and Befrugal all post coupons that you can use while still earning cashback. Plus many have a browser button you can download so coupons are found automatically and applied at checkout.
  • If shopping in the store look at the Sunday paper, look at online for printable coupons or even better look at the stores you frequently shop because many offer paperless coupons you can clip to a loyalty card.
  • Be sure to keep your receipts handy as you may need to scan them to get cashback and if shopping online be sure to save those order confirmation emails as if your cashback doesn’t track on one of the cashback sites you will need that email as proof of purchase.
  • Consider opening a PayPal account if you don’t have one as many of these cashback sites can pay you in the form of a check, gift card, or PayPal. I personally use PayPal and it’s the fastest safest way to get paid.
  • Refer your friends many of these cashback sites offer cashback for referring your friends, it’s win-win for you and them!


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