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Tips and Tricks for Shopping

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I love shopping but I don’t want to go broke doing so, I have decided to apply for a couple of jobs at to be able to continue with this pace. For me, shopping is a stress reviler, hobby, and necessity.

I love reviewing every new dress that I buy and generally link the clothing store to the video like the Jovani prom dress we got. While for some, it might be unfair to buy YouTube views, but it sure as hell works as all my videos have helped me pay off my bills and also buy new clothes to review. Through years and years of shopping and getting awesome deals I have uncovered some tricks and I would love to share with all you frugal shopping lovers.

  • Plan ahead of time- know well before you are are going to run out or replace something to start looking at deals, If you do it online check the return policies, for a good online shopping site navigate to retail store.
  • Make a list and stick to it. I know its hard to resist those impulse buys.
  • Practice looking at preview ads, many online coupon sites offer a 1-2 week preview on major retailers weekly ad such as CVS. believe me, it pays to look ahead and plan.
  • Use ad scanning apps like Flip. You will have access to many ads with the click of a button. Also, you can search for certain items and see all the stores in-store and online that are running a promotion.
  • Ensure you have a tracking put in for all your store and manufacturer coupons. For printed coupons I use this Small Coupon Organizer Portfolio – Keep Calm.
  • Take advantage of online coupon clipping most groceries and pharmacies offer this. This so much easier to manage but beware as sometimes not all coupons apply.
  • Make sure you become familiar with the stores you frequent coupon policies as many will differ on coupon doubling and stacking.
  • Make room on your phone for the cash back and rebate apps. Learn more about them here.
  • If you frequent a store sign up for their rewards program as most stores have them and it always great to be rewarded for your loyalty. Some sites and apps pay you to play games. Use your chance!
  • Stock up when it makes sense. As an example with hair care, cleaning, and household paper goods its always a good idea to stock up when the deals and coupons and rebates line up. There have been times that after coupons or rebates I have not paid anything out of pocket or even made money as my coupon friends say it ( moneymaker).
  • Get comfortable clothes. There is nothing better than feeling comfortable with any Custom T-Shirts you create and wear. Cash Back

Remember practice makes perfect. I learned to allot of this stuff from my own shopping fops.

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