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Save a bundle on that bundle of Joy

As you know having children especially babies can be really expensive but don’t don’t let that deter you from expanding your family. From my personal experience, I have some tips and tricks to help you save money from before that bundle of joy is even here.

Baby shower

you need to have one, even if you don’t want to because you are shy or think it’s cheesy you must have one. I ended up with 3, one at work, 1 from my parents and one from my in-laws as they live far away. I was upset that many didn’t follow my registry and I ended up with a lot of duplicate items but this worked out because I had extra items that I had at my parents and the child care providers.


Be smart about what you have on it don’t add things you won’t use in the 1st 6 months of the baby’s life. Don’t add clothes or diapers many will buy you that stuff anyways.  You can always add a note that states, clothes, diapers, and gift cards are welcomed.

  • Didn’t get everything you wanted from your registry, that’s fine many places offer a discount when you buy the unpurchased items off your list.

Diapers and baby care

you should be paying very little for this stuff- There is always coupons and rebates on this stuff especially if you use cashback apps like ibotta and Cashout51. Also look into subscription service as offered via Amazon where you can save additional a monthly delivery. What is great about these services is that you can cancel, skip, or modify your order as often as you want with no issues.


shop the baby deals and stock up especially while you are pregnant always look at the clearance rack and plan ahead this will save you a lot. A few of my favorite stores that offer killer deals on baby clothing are listed below with the typical sales and coupon you can expect to see.

Kohl’s:  $10 off of  $30 or $40 Plus get 15% or up to 30% if you are a Kohl’s Cardholder.

Target: Make sure you use cartwheel app as they will put coupons for baby clothes.

Baby r us: I didn’t rely on the coupons much but their Clearance selection is very impressive.

Kmart: Make sure you join Shopyourway rewards as they will send instant rewards or coupons for baby/children clothes I have received some good ones such as $12 of $20 or more.

Plus don’t shy away from hand me downs or other family members that have children that are close in age, they only wear the stuff for a few months if even. When parents or close relatives ask what they can buy have them buy clothes.  I am lucky that my parents and in-laws are always surprising me with clothes for my little one.

Other baby necessities:

With babies, there is always advertisements that they need so much. My daughter ever used her bassinet, she hated it for the 1st 3 weeks of her life she slept in a swing then transitioned to her crib. You will not know what your baby will enjoy using so just don’t go overboard at first. Always shop around- I mean from the comfort of your home. I love using the google search when shopping around. Simply enter the item you are looking to purchase then go the shopping tab and from there you can filter by price to see who is selling it for the best price.


I think the child’s 1st year should spend at home or with a close family relative if you have that luxury. After a child is 1 and starts walking and socializing more I think the daycare environment is vital to them. Daycare can be expensive but you can save money by looking into FSA to pay pre-tax and checking if your employer to see if they offer discounts. I currently get a 15% discount plus I use an FSA.



While you pregnant look to see what tax credits you might be eligible look at your current tax situation does it make sense to change what you claim on your taxes- that is the perfect time to get advice.


What is your plan your maternity leave and returning to work? talk to your partner and see if with child care cost if it makes sense to go back to work you would be amazed at simple changes you can make to your budget to make this a dream. If you need to go back after maternity leave talk to your employer about flexible return options like  3 or 4 day week to start.


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