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Best Stones to have when Working

I love stones and I believe in their healing abilities.  Certain stones can improve your mood, productivity, and balance your chakras (energy centers) and so much more. Whether if you work at a desk of if you are on the go or stand on your feet you can benefit from having stones nearby on your desk or pocket.Stones need to be cleansed and programmed to amplify it’s healing abilities.

Cleanse: You want to purge a stone of previous energy and sometimes if you have been using or carrying a stone for a long time it may need to be cleansed and charged. There are various ways to cleanse your stone the most common are putting the stone under running water, placing in dry sea salt or smudging it with sage.

Program: This is all about intent. You can amplify a stone abilities by programming it. It’s best to hold your stone and say a few intention you desire.

tip: make sure your stone resonates with the intention you desire. As an example if you are looking for protection a Quartz crystal or black tourmaline already have protection energies.

Top Stones to have on your desk:


This beautiful aqua-green colored stone, Peruvian pebble is good for removing electromagnetic fields. The color and nature of the Amazonite stone stimulates the throat chakra, contributing to effective communication  with co-workers, especially those of the opposite sex. The stone eliminates gender differences by balancing the yin and yang (male and female) energies. A must have for us ladies looking to brake the glass ceiling.

Amethyst Cluster

One of my favorites.The purple color of Amethyst stimulates the 3rd eye chakra. This allows us to see things objectively so we don’t get so wrapped up in emotions. In the cluster form, Amethyst represents a sense of community and can bring harmony to any who work with a team.  With its high vibrational field, it is also effective in removing electromagnetic waves from computers as well.

Black Tourmaline

This is the top stone for removing electromagnetic smog. Keep it near your computer and cell phone to effectively eliminate electromagnetic waves. This crystal is great for creating a sense of empowerment and mental clarity (especially for anyone working in a challenging field).Black Tourmaline can stimulates the root chakra, since it is a grounding stone.


The stone of success, Citrine also aids in finding your true purpose in life. It stimulates the sacral chakra. It can help you in manifesting your dreams into reality. This stone helps attract more joy and success to aid in finding your path and being successful at it.

Green Aventurine

This is a stone staple for any business you’re in since we all need money to live. It stimulates the Heart Chakra (fourth chakra) opens us up to our worth in receiving luck and prosperity.

Green Aventurine also neutralizes stress and anxiety from work, allowing us to keep calm. We need to keep calm and positive in order to attract the success we seek. Keep it in your pocket, purse or desk drawer.

Tiger’s Eye

This is my favorite stone. This stone helps keep things flowing and focused. Very effective in eliminating the scattered brain, Tiger’s Eye allows us to make confident decisions. In fact, it stimulates your power center, the Solar Plexus (or third chakra), the seat of self-esteem and confidence.On a monetary level, the name itself resonates the nature of vision: guiding the direction towards profits in your business endeavours.

I love shopping at local shopes, Amazon, and Ebay for my stones.Don’t forget to cleanse and program your new stones.

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