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Are you Beach/Pool Ready?

I am personally a beach girl, the pool is fine when there is no beach but I think the sea water is healthier and more soothing to be in vs. the pool. With that being said I know there are other things like salt or peroxide that be put into a pool besides chlorine but they are not the norm. I have simplified your beach checklist this Summer with all the must have essentials.

Cool bathing suit of course

I been into the one piece geometric in black of course for me! Regardless of your body shape and size you should try on several different styles you are drawn to to find what makes you feel comfortable and confident.

Swim cover up

A must for getting snacks or drinks at the beach or for the ride home.

Beach towel

I love all the cute prints they have available for towels. This year I was torn between palm trees and pineapples.

Beach chair

I love the beach chairs- perfect for reading or taking a nap, plus if you keep it in the car you will be prepared for anything on road like a outdoor concert or picnic.

Beach hat

I don’t wear hats but a nice full brim hat or baseball cap will do just fine.


Depending on your preference if you want a little more protection or want catch some color there are many options out there. I am loving the Australian Gold  line.

Lip balm with SPF

a must to protect the youth and health of your lips.

cool cooler with snacks and hydrating beverages

*tip many places like Victoria Secret and DSW were offering free coolers with purchase. Check to see if  any of the stores you shop at are running promotions.

Reading material

Kindle or paperback- This what I am reading this summer Down City: A Daughter’s Story of Love, Memory, and Murder


I am sucker for Ray-bans- especially these rainbow ones so cool!

Flip fops

I am a Haivanas chic at heart- the simplicity yet trendiness does it for me.

portable Umbrella

I am loving this Nautica umbrella. I noticed at the beach that many people have the same Umbrellas so it’s easy to mistake which one is yours so please get something that it be easy to spot in the seas of umbrellas.

This year I shopped at  Bloomingdales, Amazon, and  Ulta for my beach essentials.

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