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Work From Home Routine

Is working from home making  you look drab? I often work from home and find myself letting myself go. When I go into the office it’s pretty much a glam session that takes about an 1hr but on days where I am going to work from home I often don’t shower until later in the day. I  just get up brush my teeth and throw on sweats. Then I have to leave to drop my daughter at daycare so I go out looking like crap.I know that I should make myself look more presentable but I just don’t want to put in the effort.

Well I did put more effort into doing the research to find  products that will make me look put together in 30 minues or less. I tested an tried this routine and I did it in exactly  27 minutes. See what I did below.

wake up and spend a few minutes in bed to fully wake up 5 minutes

Brush teeth- 3 minutes

Shower– 7 minutes

just the normal- soap body, shave, and cleanse face.

Hair– skip washing your hair daily. If you have oily hair invest in a good dry shampoo.Throw your hair into a loose bun or slip on a headband 1 minute

Body– Moisturize with body lotion 1 minute.

Makeup– 5 minutes

Use multi purpose products in order to save time.

Use toner.

Use moisturizer

Apply concealer to any spots or under eye areas

Use BB cream or CC cream

I love using Benefit Cosmetics Lip stick and liner in one– this is my fav lip product!

Use 1 coat of Mascara

slight sweep of blush

Clothes– try to pick out outfits the day prior. Click here to look for comfortable yet stylish pieces.

Think stylish Hex Camo Dark Red Womens Leggings or comfy jeans for bottoms and nice cotton blend tops or trendy sweaters.

Accessories if you have time add in some jewelry or a cute scarf.  5 minutes

It’s proven when you look good, you feel good. So in return you would be more motivated and proactive. Let’s see if I can continue to stick to this routine going forward.

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