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Girls Don’t Poop! Poo-Pourri

I have to start by saying this product is genius! Did you watch the video? Last week I went to have colon hydrotherapy (another healthy behavior that I adopted; more on that later) and my therapist told me about Poo-Pourri Before-You-Go Toilet Spray . I was laughing my pants off but after I left my session I did some research to find out more about this product and I even ordered it and I can’t wait for it to come.

Back six years ago I went to mature dating in Australia when I was fist dating my husband to be; I had blueberry pancakes and for whatever reason that did not sit well with my Crohns/Ulcerative colitis and I had to use his bathroom for #2 and it was really bad afterwards and I didn’t spray because traditional bathroom spray gives me a headache with all the chemicals. My husband to this day talks about that day and I am still embarrassed! Why couldn’t there be Poo-pourri back six years ago. Hopefully I can save you from a moment like this with Poo-pourri

Poo-Pourri is a blend of essential oils that virtually eliminates bathroom odors!Poo~Pourri is not a chemical cover up!  You won’t find ANY

  • NO Harsh Chemicals
  • NO Formaldehyde
  • NO Petroleum Distillates
  • NO Ethanol
  • NO Benzene
  • NO Parabens
  • NO Phthalates
  • NO Aerosol

Based on aromatherapy principles, a few squirts into the bowl before-you-go forms a protective layer of essential oils that prevent stinky bathroom odors from showing up in the first place. Please Poo-Pourri Before-You-Go! Amazon has the best deal on online so far retailing for $13.01 and free shipping with Amazon Prime .

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