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12 Weeks to a Healthier you: Week 9

This week I wanted talk about Post postpartum body because I don’t know if you are one of lucky ones but I am not and my body is not the same. My weight is within 5lbs of where I used to be pre pregnancy but, my hips are wider, My breast are larger, my stomach is close to flat but loose, and I have the dreaded stretch marks on my stomach. There are a lot of products on the market and a lot of mis information on what to do to be able to regain your pre pregnancy body out there. I wanted  to share a couple of tips and tricks of whats been tested and tried and proven to work!

Here are a few common post pregnancy body complaints and what can be done:

C-Section scars

Most C-Section scars fade to a pencil-thin line in a year but, they never completely go away. What you can do on a budget is try self-adhesive foam strips, such as Curad Scar Therapy “They apply slight pressure, which may flatten the scar and lighten the redness,” according to David Leffell, M.D., professor of dermatology and surgery at Yale School of Medicine and author of Total Skin. If your budget allows for a more expensive and effective treatment you can try a laser treatment and steroid injections, typically give better, faster results but cost more. Experts state that Vitamin E products don’t help scars “But there’s nothing about vitamin E that can actually change the skin’s collagen, nor is there any proof that topically applied vitamins will have any impact,” says Stephen Metzinger, M.D., a plastic surgeon and director of burn services at Children’s Hospital, in New Orleans.

Sagging breasts

After pregnancy, the breast tissue shrinks, but the skin is no longer as elastic that’s why you will notice sagging. Many women fear breast feeding thinking it will make their breast sag, and that’s simply not true. Factors that contribute to breast sagging are:

  • BMI — body mass index, a measure of your percentage of body fat
  • The number of pregnancies you’ve had
  • A large pre-pregnancy breasts
  • Age
  • Smoking
  • Gravity

The only permanent picker-upper for your postbaby breasts is plastic surgery, you don’t have to go under the knife to get a little lift. If you are on a budge like me the answer is Exercise. “Working out won’t boost your bra size, because breast tissue is fat, not muscle,” says Courtney Barroll, a personal trainer at Equinox Fitness Clubs, in New York City. “But exercise can tone the pectoral muscles around the breasts, giving them a lifted and perkier appearance. You might be tempted to try breast-firming pills or creams but, there is no clinical evidence that they work. What you can try is wearing a supportive bra. Be sure to find the right fit . Look for a wide band for support, an uplifting underwire, and cups made of sturdy fabric. Also to prevent further sagging, wear a sports bra when you work out.


Stomach flab

Even if you’ve dropped most of your baby weight and have used your Belly Bandit snice the minute you gave birth,that bulge around your belly doesn’t seem to budge. That’s because it’s mostly stretched-out skin and muscle, according to Lisa Masterson, M.D., an ob-gyn at Cedars-Sinai Medical Center, in Los Angeles. What will help significantly is Moves that will target the transverse muscles — those that wrap around the abdominals horizontally. Regular crunches don’t focus on lengthwise muscles so that’s why you won’t see an improvement. Try the slide: On a slippery floor, like wood or linoleum, get into a push-up position, balancing on your forearms. Place a folded towel under your toes, and as you pull your abs in, slide your knees toward your chest. Do two sets of five to eight reps, three times a week; work up to three sets.If all else fails there is always Body-shaping underwear!

Stretch Marks

These thin scars on the stomach, hips, breasts, or butt usually start out red and then lighten within a year. “Whether you get stretch marks depends a lot on genetics and how quickly you gain weight,” says David J. Goldberg, M.D., director of laser research in the department of dermatology at Mount Sinai school of medicine in New York City. The earlier you treat them, though, the better your chance of fading them. Microdermabrasion — a procedure in which tiny crystals are blasted against your skin to remove the top layer and stimulate collagen production — can treat older stretch marks. In addition, the FDA recently approved a new medical lasers for sale as treatment that adds pigment to older, lighter stretch marks so they blend into surrounding skin. I recently came across Stretchy created by the twin sisters Tia and Tamara. I have not tried the product myself yet but I will be because it appears to be a natural budget friendly alternative for the treatment of stretch marks.

Let me just say it took 9 months to get this way, please give yourself 9 months post baby to lose weight because after all mom have allot on their plate and the 1st year should be all about your new bundle of joy, so please take time to enjoy it!

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