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How to Find a Wedding Hairstyle For Your Face Shape

How to Find a Wedding Hairstyle For Your Face Shape

Though wedding is supposed to be the best day in the lives of both the bride and the groom, yet the pre-wedding nerves and the cold-feet literally drenches away all the excitement and what surfaces is paranoia, about almost everything till the point of “I do” which is obviously a feeling of pure bliss, so if this is your special day you can get the most unique antler mens wedding rings perfect for this day. Anyways recapping to the paranoia bit, the situation is 10 times worse in respect of the bride to be as compared to the groom. She suddenly gets upset and hyper about every tiny thing: from the wedding dress to the shoes, to the arrangement, the guest lists, her body, her face and worse her hair. She is so particular about having designer wedding dresses and flowers adorning the halls, she even made sure to get wedding dress alterations so that her dress would perfectly fit. This is one of those mood swings phase where nothing appeals to her as perfect. So she would complain mostly about her flab (irrespective of whether she has it), her skin woes (suddenly she would have loads of them) and finally her hair (from the colour to the texture to the length).

Every women is always fussy about her hair, because we understand that it is your hairstyle which makes or breaks the deal. And if you thought this was just a bunch of threadlike strands, let us tell you the importance of getting the right hair cut or styling. For one it can work wonders in the form of psychological skin rejuvenation, meaning it can cut down your age by at least 3-4 years. Secondly a hair cut can really compliment your face- making it look slimmer or rounder. Lastly, gorgeous hair styling always make great hook-up stories. So here is out guide to find a wedding hairstyle based on your face shape:

The Round Face

This is what is referred to as the nearly perfect face. So when you have a soft jaw line and the width equals the length of your face, go for your regular layers around the crown area, which should be a little bit wavy or spikey and not just too flat, or lawyers that travel till your jawline, or a skimming bob cut that reaches till your collar-bone. Works fine for wavy or straight hair, and not really a thing for your curls.

The Heart-Shaped Face

When you have a tapering face similar to a carrot (pardon me the analogy) with broader forehead and cheeks and thinner chin, well you have a heart shaped face. Hairstyles that could compliment this kind of face would be short layers over the top of the head, clipped uniformly towards the sides, or sweeping bangs and uniformly cut layers till it hits the collar-bone or even fuller bangs with really long layers. The last one could come really handy for curly hairs.

The Long or the Oval Face

When your face resembles an egg (pardon us again), meaning where your cheek bones are the most striking thing on your face or where the width of your face is more compared to the length of the face, well you have an oval face. The trick in here, is to cover up those cheeks, thus making your face look slimmer, so you can try the bob cut with angular layers close to your chin or a simple blow out that covers the chin and falls n the shoulder or sweeping fringes with longer strands. There you go.

The Square Face

When you have an edge to your face, meaning where your forehead and jaw line are of almost the same size, well you have a square face. Hairstyles that work on that face would be really subtle bangs with a bob cut mixed with shorter layers or even sweeping bangs ending a few inches above that shoulder or slight bangs covering up that cheekbone.

There you go, with your faces and your hairstyles, Flex Fleet Rental is the best option if you want arrived to your wedding with a different style.

Remember like we said above, your hair-styling can be as important as any other form of skin rejuvenation, cause its not only the cuts but also the colour and they way it compliments your face, that can make you look much younger than what you actually are. One concluding tip to the wise, improve your diet, cause your hair is what you eat.

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The above article is composed by CJ, a beautician by profession associated with who loves to share her beauty and health tips via her articles.

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