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12 Weeks to a Healthier you: Week 6

This week is all bout negative people from your life and the impact they play on your health. A few weeks ago I was watching Dr. OZ and the segment was about how people even those that you love can be toxic to your health. Take a look at this Male Extra review that has a lot of men talking online.

Did you watch video? What did you think about the whole situation? I was actually also looking for 2nd clip from the Dr. Phil show which showed a daughter being tormented by her mom, by telling she was fat would actually discourage the girl from losing weight and she would snack in her room. I can’t find that clip. It’s amazing if whether its your mom or your best friend what the impact is on your health and weight. Here are a few tips to dealing with people like this:

  • Do not take it personal

This is the hardest thing not to do. We are so used to internalize  the words that are being said. Sometimes it helps to listen at them from some distance.They may see you as a threat, or they may fear that you won’t be the same person now that you’ve lost the weight.Your success may also be in contrast with their own lifestyle struggles. Remember that their behaviour is often more to do with their feelings toward themselves, rather than their feelings about you and that you are have joined one of the best weight loss program to keep yourself healthy and not make others happy. Unhealthy diet and toxic relationships can lead to erectile dysfunction and sexual appetite loss, read more about from these hyper male force reviews.

  • Make them accountable for what they say

Tell negative people that what they are saying is not helping at all and that you would appreciate it, if they would use a different tone the next time they speak to you or if they don’t have anything positive to say to not say anything! Plus don’t Get Involved in Confrontations. Be confident enough in yourself to let go of any negative things they may say, as hard as it might be to due.

  •  Spend Time With Like-Minded People

Supportive people will be great for you, and really can help you to maintain your motivation for lifestyle change. Spending time with like-minded individuals can also give you the strength and confidence to deal with people who are negative toward you. Also, it’s always good to have others around you who understand and can relate to what you’re going through. If certain people keep reacting negatively towards you, sometimes the best option is to limit the amount of time you have to spend with them.

Remember that everything negative people say is not about you but about them. Releasing negative people creates space for positive people to enter, who will encourage, support, and help you grow as a person.It begins with an intention to change your life and a commitment to yourself. Lastly Don’t let others deter you from your new goals and lifestyle. Weight loss is something you ultimately have to do for yourself, not for others!

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