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Get Beautiful Natural Nails at Home

Getting nails done can be pricey, very pricey if you add up how you spend every 2 week. It adds up quickly. Get Beautiful Natural Nails at Home for less. I have decided to quit going to the nail salon unless if it’s a special occasion. I have opted a do at home nail care regime, so Get Beautiful Natural Nails at Home. Benefit of doing nails at home include:

    • Save money
    • Less risk for contamination
    • less exposure of uv light if you do gel nails

Follow this easy tips to have beautiful, natural, salon style nails at home:


Cut your nails at the desired length and shape them with a sharp nail-cutter. Don’t cut your nails too far because at the end you won’t have enough nail to file and polish. Remove your old nail polish before trimming your nail. Using a good file is important to shape your nails.


Soften the stagnant skin and the hard dermal around your nails so that you won’t have trouble while removing them after. You can soften your dermal by soaking your hands with warm soapy water. Make sure that the soap you use is gentle to your hands.


After all dermal have softened, you can now remove them through a cuticle stick. This is simple caused by forcing them at the back part of your nail till they are completely out from the nail.


After cleaning, apply hand moisturizer on your hands.


After trimming, softening, cleaning and moisturizing cover it all with a nail polish. Cover with a top coat nail polish to make the color more vivacious and to protect the main layer from chipping.

What do you think, will you join the bandwagon to healthier budget friendly nails?

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