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Probiotics for Dummies Review

Most of us know that probiotics are good for us. I knew basic info about probiotics, that  they  replace bad bacteria with good bacteria. I was offered the chance to review Probiotics For Dummies by Dr. Shekhar K. Challa, I was excited to learn more about probiotocs.

If you are new to Prbiotics, they are beneficial, live microorganisms most are bacteria that are similar to those found naturally in the human intestine. Also known as “good” bacteria, the best probiotic are the cornerstone of any successful health program because they restore a healthy balance between friendly and bad bacteria in the intestinal tract, a balance that is critical for the health of the entire body. Probiotics are associated with treating everything from IBS to certain forms of cancer, allergies, eczema, and even the effects of aging.Probiotics For Dummies reveals how taking the right probiotics—in the form of food and supplements— as part of a total health program benefits one’s overall health, as well as improving specific conditions. This hands-on, essential guide features:

  • How prebiotics and probiotics work together
  • The scoop on digestive health
  • Advice on balancing probiotics and nutrition
  • More than 20 recipes and a plan for infusing probiotics into your diet
  • Common misconceptions about probiotics
  • The role of probiotics in allergies, infections, gastrointestinal disorders, women’s health and more
  • Advice on how to ingest the right probiotics
  • 20 probiotic recipes
  • Plus plenty more

Learn to:

  • Bolster your immune system against disease
  • Alleviate allergies and asthma
  • Keep a proper bacterial balance
  • Improve the health of your digestive tract

I enjoyed reading this book, it enhanced my knowledge of probiotics.It outlined in detail the benefits of probiotics. There are recipes and techniques to try, and there is a really good explanation of Prebiotics . This book is small, but packs in a lot of info. Much of it is presented in a straightforward manner that is easy to understand.Probiotics For Dummies gives you everything you need to make informed decisions about adding probiotics to your daily diet. The book can be purchased at your local bookstore or on Amazon for about $16.99 or less!

About the Author

Dr. Shekhar K. Challa is president of Kansas Medical Clinic. Board Certified in Gastroenterology, he is an award-winning author and co-creator of the first probiotic video game (


I received a copy of Probiotics for Dummies for review free of cost. All opinions are my own.

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