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Red Hair Trend Alert: Jennifer Morrison

Have you seen Jennifer Morrison’s new look? The Once Upon a Time actress recently changed her hair color for her next role in the new movie, Some Girls. Red hair has been taking the hair world by storm with the best Hairdresser to stars Manhattan.  Certified Great Lengths stylists, Riawna Capri and Nikki Lee of Nine Zero One Salon in West Hollywood, share their tips on how they created her new, fiery look:

“Since Jen is only planning on being a redhead for a month or so, we added in Great lengths Extensions to help make the color look richer and more vibrant. It goes so well with her skin tone! She looks stunning!”

Celebrities go to Great Lengths to get beautiful long locks. And so should you, because you deserve the best too! When you are constantly under the lens, you only want the best when it comes to enhancing your beauty. This is why celebrities (and their Townsville hairdressers stylists) put their trust in Great Lengths hair extensions. In addition to the superior quality of the human hair used by Great Lengths, the other reason it is favored among the celebrities is because of how safe and gentle it is on one’s real hair. Unlike other hair extension systems, the integrity of one’s natural strands is never compromised, so the only risk one takes by having them applied is looking better than before. Fortunately, you don’t have to be a celebrity to have access to Great Lengths as there are countless stylists around the country who are certified to apply them. Here’s a closer look at the two application processes that are employed to give you the long, voluminous hair you’ve always wanted:

  • The Thermal System – This unrivaled process is thought of as the gold standard of extension application systems. Certified stylists utilize a heated applicator tong (that only gets as hot as the lowest setting on a standard curling iron) to soften the Great Lengths bond that adheres to your natural hair. Unlike other systems which utilize glue and wax, Great Lengths bonds are made of Synthesized Keratin Protein, which is comprised of polymer chains that mimic the molecular structure of real hair. The tong helps the stylist mold the bond to the hair, resulting in an undetectable, smooth attachment. If you wish to get perfect curls using hair curlers, then you have come to the right place to find the best ones here.
  • The Cold Fusion System – This revolutionary application process utilizes a machine called the Ultrasonic 5000, which employs ultrasonic vibration—not heat—to apply each extension strand. During this process the same healthy keratin bonds are used to attach Great Lengths safely and undetectably. This process provides complete customization of the attachment sites and allows bond placement in areas previously off limits with other extension systems, resulting in a solution to meet every woman’s needs.

Great Lengths hair extensions are available in over 45 shades in all colors of blonde, red, brown, black as well as rich jewel toned colors and soft pastels. The hair is 100% natural and gathered from Sacred Temples in India. It is considered “virgin” hair as it has never been salon treated. As a result of this purity and integrity, Great Lengths hair can be colored, permed, straightened, combed, brushed, and shampooed. In other words, anything you can do with your own hair, you can do to Great Lengths extensions. They cost $750-$4,000 depending on the amount of hair used and the desired. To find a salon near you visit I have always thought about getting extensions but I was afraid of how extensions could damage my hair or how natural they would look? I am glad to have been introduced to Great Lengths to know they put all my concerns at ease!

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Love the Red head look. Nothing like adding a little color.

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