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New Lifetime series: The Client List

It’s back on lifetime “The Client List”. Remember the movie that premiered on Lifetime back in 2010, well its now a series that will be premiering in March 2012! If you haven’t seen The Client List movie. The movie is about  Samantha “Sam” Horton played by Jennifer Love Hewit, a former Texas beauty queen and mother of three kids. The movie builds on her struggles with financial difficulties and the threat of foreclosure on her home. Her husband, Rex played by  Teddy Sears, a former football player, is suffering from knee complications and cannot work. She applies for a job at a massage parlor in a nearby town and is  hired. However, she soon discovers the masseuses who work there are actually prostitutes serving prominent members of her town.

With the threat of foreclosure Sam realizes that there aren’t many other options and decides to accept the position and become a prostitute. She begins working under the name “Brandy”. Lying to her husband and her mother played by Cybill Shepherd about the real nature of her job, Sam brings in a lot of money and is able to shower her family with some of the luxuries they had never gotten to enjoy before. In addition to the money, her clients give her expensive jewelry.

Sam takes on more and more hours while Rex takes on a job as an exterminator and expresses concerns about the hours she has been working. Feeling exhausted and guilty, and at the suggestion of one of her favorite clients, Sam turns to cocaine to cope with what she is doing and soon becomes addicted. When a fellow, younger prostitute sees that a local pastor is to be her next client, she decides she can no longer do the job. Sam encourages her to head to a local ministry for shelter. The young woman then tells the ministry about the massage parlor, saying she feels God wants her to expose them.

The police are tipped off to what the business really is and raid the place, and Sam and her coworkers and some of their clients who are present are charged. Sam is also charged with drug possession. Sam attempts to mend her broken marriage, but Rex is devastated by the truth about her job and moves out with their children.

A lawyer friend helps her negotiate a reduced sentence in exchange for testifying against the clients she served, check more online for legal advice. The trial, she goes to jail for a short sentence. Upon her release, some local women visit her and, to her surprise, offer forgiveness and ask for advice on heating up their own relationships. Sam and one of her former coworkers become waitresses, and Sam goes back to school. In the final scene, her husband also hints that he is willing to try to repair their relationship.

Now the new Lifetime series picks up with Sam who, after being deserted by her husband, is left in deep financial straits and takes a job at a seemingly traditional day spa in a neighboring town. When Sam realizes massages aren’t the only services on the menu, she sees it as an opportunity for her to relieve her financial hardships. Sam delicately balances two drastically  different lives  one as a single mother in a conservative town struggling to provide for her family and the other as a sexy and ambitious businesswoman working with a rowdy and unpredictable group of women. Loretta Devine plays Georgia, the parlor’s feisty and disorganized owner and Colin Egglesfield portrays Sam’s brother-in-law Evan. Watch a seek peek above and don’t forget to tune in for the premiere date in March!

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