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What do you know about the HCG?

First let me start off by telling you what HCG is. HCG stands for human chorionic gonadotropin and it’s a hormone the body makes during pregnancy. When you take a pregnancy test; if the hormone is detected,congratulations you are prego! I always thought when I got pregnant that I would start gaining weight like crazy […]

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12 Weeks to a Healthier you: Week 9

This week I wanted talk about Post postpartum body because I don’t know if you are one of lucky ones but I am not and my body is not the same. My weight is within 5lbs of where I used to be pre pregnancy but, my hips are wider, My breast are larger, my stomach […]

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12 Weeks to a Healthier you: Week 8

This week is all about relaxation techniques and finding ways to relax. We all know stress is no good and finding ways to relax is a must. Though many experts say that some stress is good for you because it can sharpen your senses and your mind, but too much stress is bad for your […]

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12 Weeks to a Healthier you: Week 7

Almost there! A few more weeks and the 12 weeks to a healthier you will be complete and hopefully we can continue with positive changes. This week I want to incorporate juicing because of all the amazing benefits! Many medical and nutrition experts say that juicing is better for you than is eating whole fruits […]

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12 Weeks to a Healthier you: Week 6

This week is all bout negative people from your life and the impact they play on your health. A few weeks ago I was watching Dr. OZ and the segment was about how people even those that you love can be toxic to your health. Did you watch video? What did you think about the […]

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12 Weeks to a Healthier you: week 4

This week it’s all about adopting a more holistic lifestyle for the health benefits. A holistic approaches to weight loss are often simple and always effective. Here are a few effective holistic tips to aid in a healthier lifestyle: Try to eat whole, natural foods such as  vegetables and fruit. Stick to whole grains and […]

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12 Weeks to Healthier You: Week 3

  This week is all about making healthier eating decision by swapping the bad with the good stuff. Here are a few easy swaps: Breakfast Swap from whole milk to lower fat 1% fat or even skimmed milk. Swap a sugar loaded breakfast cereal for a wholegrain breakfast cereals with no added sugar. Add a […]

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