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Make your own Bath Salts at Home

What gal doesn’t love to take a hot bath after a long day? I know I do. I used to buy pre packaged bath salts at the store, but since I use so much on a weekly basis it was becoming a costly treat. Plus many bath salts have ingredients that are toxic. I have learned to make my own bath salts. It’s simple, safe, and affordable.

Here are a few tips for creating Bath salts at home:

1. Choose your salts. Although every bath salt base requires at least epsom salts, you can choose to add other salt mixtures to give different appearances and benefits. Sea salt can be added for it’s alkaline properties and therefore helps to lower the acidity of the body and pink Himalayan salt could be used to make it a detoxifying bath experience. I love to blend 2-3 different salts in my bath salt mixes.

2. *optional-Pick an essential oil/oils. Although you can create a scent-less bath salt mixture, adding essential oils creates an aromatherapy oasis.I personally like lavender for evening baths and sweet orange for morning baths. Add only add a few drops of each scent to keep the perfume levels low.

3. Add Herbs or flowers. You can choose to add dried herbs or flowers for added looks and scents to your bath salts. I like adding chamomile for it’s calming and anti-inflammatory properties.

Here is the recipe for my latest bath salt creation:
• 10 drops Lavender Essential Oil
• 3 drops of Vitamin E oil
• 5 drops Bergamot Essential Oil
• 1 tsp chamomile herb
• 1 cups epsom salts or and 1 cup Himalayan salt
1. Pour one cup of the salts into a container.
2. Add all of the essential oils, close the lid, and shake to mix.
3. Pour the rest of the salts on top and shake vigorously to mix the oils in completely.
4. Makes enough for 8 baths, using ¼ cup at a time.
5. Store in a dark, well sealed container or in a dark cabinet as oxygen and light break down essential oils and cause them to deteriorate.

I personally shop for my bath making supplies on or  it’s much more affordable then going to the health food store. With Amazon I take advantage on the Subscribe and Save where I get an additional 15% when I subscribe to 5 or more items per months and on top of that I get to use digital coupon codes and get free shipping.

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