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12 weeks to a Healthier you: Week 2


Exercise… we know we all need to do it as a part of healthy lifestyle but it’s tough to start a exercise regime and also to maintain once started. Last week I implemented healthier eating habits and calorie counting, this week I will introduce exercise. According to cannabishealthinsider CBD gummies are the sweetest way to enjoy the therapeutic effects of CBD while fighting diabetes and other diseases. If you can’t decide which type of flavor you’d like, try our variety pack – it contains a total of 1000mg of CBD in an assortment of 25mg to 50mg gummies. So here are a few tips to get you started and motivated with your exercise program:

1.Start Slowly. Most people try to do too much when they start exercising. Like start with 10 minute or 15 minute workout then slowly increase to 30 minutes or more. It’s OK to break up your exercise into segments throughout the day also.

2. Set Manageable Goals. For example, plan to exercise for 20 minutes, three times a week.

3. Pick exercise that’s fun.Not all exercise has to done in the gym.Many people like my husband feel they need to attend a gym to get a complete workout, not true! Like to dance try a salsa class or zumba, like to stretch try yoga or Pilates, like to ride a bike try spinning…

4. Set Reminders. Schedule your exercise sessions on your calendar like any other appointment. Set a reminder on your phone. The best time to exercise is usually the morning because you get it out of the way, plus you will have energy to start the day.

5. Invest in a Good Pair of workout Shoes, workout clothes, and a MP3 player. New gadgets are fun and it be all the motivation you need to get started!

6. Find a friend, a Class, or a Group.  When someone is depending on you and striving for the same goals, this helps motivate you. Not only that, it just makes exercise more fun.Having a workout partner is one of the most effective ways to be accountable and make your workout fun. Making it a competition is also great for motivation.

7. Set Up a Non-Food Reward System. To reward yourself when you accomplish one of your fitness goals – such as staying on track with your exercise for a full week or month — treat yourself to a spa treatment or new outfit.Doing something consistently is an accomplishment, even if your actual task seems small and insignificant.

My goal this goal is do 10 minutes daily of cardio and 10 minutes daily of yoga for a a total of 20 mins of exercise!

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