Healthy Diet Tips for Breast Feeding Moms



Breast feeding is great for baby but it also has benefits for mom, it can avoid moms to get a bad illness which may lead to need HCA, if that’s the case check Healthy Diet Tips for Breast Feeding Moms is my way of discussing what I learned so far. When I was pregnant I decided to breast feed my baby but, what I didn’t know was much more closely I would need to watch my diet after pregnancy. I pretty assumed that I could eat whatever I wanted, boy was I wrong! I soon learned that certain foods make my baby gassy and fussy. I have had to avoid anything gassy such as beans and certain veggies and also cut out spicy foods. Another thing to avoid is caffeine. I suggest cutting back to one cup,some women can get away with two cups.  Avoiding alcohol is a no brainer, but you can still enjoy the occasional drink without it affecting your milk but, if you had more then one drink and want to test to see if alcohol got into your milk simply test with Milkscreenstrips.

Most women who are breastfeeding need about an extra 500 calories daily than moms who aren’t, and baby consumes about 650 calories a day so that leaves a deficient of 150 so your body will slowly lose weight. Don’t. Losing weight too quickly may cause you to produce less milk and leave you feeling lethargic and sluggish.  Here are 5  power foods for healthy breast milk for your baby and will make you feel energetic:



Antioxidant-rich blueberries are an excellent choice to help you meet your needs. These satisfying and yummy berries are filled with good-for-you vitamins and minerals and will give you a healthy dose of carbohydrates to keep your energy levels high.


Portable and nutritious, oranges are a great food to boost energy for new moms. Oranges and other citrus fruits are excellent breastfeeding foods since nursing moms need more vitamin C than pregnant women.

Whole-Wheat Bread

Folic acid is crucial to your baby’s development in the early stages of pregnancy. But its importance doesn’t end there. Folic acid is an important nutrient in your breast milk that your baby needs for good health, and it’s crucial you eat enough for your own well-being too. Enriched whole-grain breads and pastas are fortified with this vital nutrient and also give you a healthy dose of fiber and iron.



After yet another sleepless night, one of the best foods to boost energy for new moms in the morning is a healthy breakfast of whole-grain cereal. Many cold cereals are available that are fortified with essential vitamins and nutrients to help you meet your daily needs. Incorporate healthy, whole-grain carbs like brown rice in your diet to keep your energy levels up. Foods like brown rice provide your body the calories it needs to produce the best quality milk for your baby.


To keep your energy levels and milk production up, make sure you stay well hydrated.

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