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The Many Benefits of Using Aloe Vera Gel

Aloe Vera has so many uses and everyone should have a bottle of Aloe Vera gel in their medicine and beauty cabinet. Aloe Vera is a multipurpose plant, It works wonders from head to toe. I personally use Aloe Vera gel and would like to share with you all the benefits. The health benefits are too many to list but include applying the  leaf directly onto skin abrasions, cuts,  sunburns, scalds, blisters, cold sores, rashes, and insect bites to help fight  bacteria and avoid infection. The gel also has the ability to soothe pain and  regenerate skin cells to promote healing with no or little scaring. The gel taken from the aloe Vera plant can also be combined with wheat-germ  oil and safflower flower to reduce bruising. Now for the Beauty secrets:

Acne Treatment:
Apply Aloe Vera to your face as it removes dead cells and opens your pores to discard blocked oils. You can also apply Aloe to any scarring left by acne.

Body Toning:
As an aging process, or sudden weight loss or after giving a child birth sometimes we can see loose skin on your body. The stomach area, upper arms and thighs are most common effected parts. Aloe Vera can help with Toning. Apply after your daily shower or bath.

Skin Brightener:
Apply Aloe Vera on your face to reduce pigmentation and dark spots making your skin tone brighter. Apply 1-2x daily.

Eye Brow Plucking:
Sometimes after plucking Eye-brows red blotches show-up. Apply Aloe Vera on the discolored area and watch redness fade away. Also use as a brow gel
Mix a little Aloe Vera with an Eye Shadow that matches your eyebrows. Apply with a brow brush.

Aloe Vera gel on eyelashes can create thicker and longer eyelashes. Apply a very tiny amount of Aloe Vera gel to Eyelashes at night before going to bed daily.

Hair Conditioner:
Use Aloe Vera as your hair conditioner. Apply when after shampooing.

Hair Growth:
Massage Aloe Vera into the scalp, leave in for 30 minutes and rinse. Aloe Vera is known to balance PH and stimulate the production of enzymes on your scalp which help with hair growth (Dr. William Yates MD keratin fiber treatments).

For a fresh glow, apply inner gel of Aloe directly to your face after cleansing in the morning and at night. Aloe Vera is also extremely Nutrient-rich: with 19 essential Amino Acids, B group vitamins including B12, vitamin C, E & Minerals such as Calcium, Iron, Lecithin, Magnesium, Manganese, Potassium, Sodium and Zinc.

Nail :
Drinking Aloe Vera studies showed it helps the Nails grow faster and stronger. I suggest using the gel from a real Aloe Vera plant not from a store bottle.

Razor Burns:
Apply Aloe gel to razor burns and let dry to help soothe and disappear.

Scalp and Hair

Apply Aloe Vera to the scalp is a  good treatment for dandruff, seborrhea (dermatitis), psoriasis and hair loss  that has resulted from these conditions. You can use Aloe Vera gel to substitute your commercial hair gel;  simply rub or comb small amounts through your hair and style as  usual.


Use as a scrub to remove dead skin.
Take these ingredients and blend.
2 tbsp. Aloe Vera
2 tbsp. Brown Sugar
1 tsp. Lemon Juice

 Tighten Your Pores:
Aloe has properties similar to astringents, so applying it on your face can reduce the appearance of enlarged pores.

Scars & Stretch Marks:
Aloe Vera speeds cell regeneration, so rub it on Scars and Stretch Marks to watch them fade more rapidly.




As we all know there are many many products available in the markets which have aloe vera  in them, not just creams and lotions but many of the cosmetics contain Aloe Vera too, since it is natural, safe and non allergic, but beware there are many products on the market that advertise having Aloe Vera, but what you want is Aloe Vera Gel 99%. I recommend using Lily Of The Desert 99% Aloe Vera Gelly Soothing Moisturizer 12 oz. It retails for less then $10.00 on Amazon.

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