Diet Plans for Post Pregnancy Healthy Living

Nothing beats the joy of creation; And for mothers, even more so. But they do pay the ultimate price of their bodies. Weight gain is normal during and after childbirth, but the weight has become somewhat of an issue for new mothers – the weight gained during pregnancy seems to be much more harder to lose than it it looks. For many women, the thought of exercise seems to be pushed aside after giving birth. Pregnancy Diet plans Diet Plans for Post Pregnancy Healthy Living However, it really is worth the effort and it can be done! So it is time to look at diet plans for post pregnancy healthy living.

First you have to remember two things that can go hand-in-hand with your post-pregnancy weight loss: Balanced Diet and Proper Exercise. So, let’s begin!

Let’s start with Diet. First of all, you have to understand that your body is a fat burning machine at post-pregnancy. You will lose weight after pregnancy. And the good news, is that the pregnancy weight you will have to lose will go when the baby is born and 6 weeks post-baby. The rest is up to you and how you take care of yourself. Your uterus is back to normal size, and you’re left with loose skin, loose muscles, and probably a few more pounds, than going into pregnancy.

So to start, make your main dish vegetables, instead of meat. Fill your plate with vegetables which you will eat first, then ¼ of your plate with lean protein and ¼ of your plate with whatever you wish. And add an 8 oz glass of skim milk if you need some extra calcium & protein!

Get rid of empty calories.All of your meals should be with water, except dinner can be with milk. Even if you have to flavor your water with those 10 calorie crystal light flavor packets, you have to drink water.

Always Weigh and measure yourself on Monday mornings. Keep track of your progress. The more informed you are of where you are at, the better.

No eating after dinner. Spend your sleep burning through stored fat, not fat you just ate.

A glass of water before every meal or snack will have make you feel a bit full, and avoid cravings.

Try to get enough sleep. It may be harder with the baby and all, but try your best to get some shut-eye.

Now, like what I have mentioned before: exercise goes hand-in-hand with diet. You are now losing weight, and your next step is toning and defining your figure.

There are some exercises that you can do, that are that strenuous, but can still give you your desired results. Remember to seek the advice of your physician first, and consult a personal trainer or fitness expert about the exercises that you wish to try out, and for the correct and safe way of doing them.

You can do some Kegel exercises for starters. Also, even the simplest things, like eating with your non-dominant hand can go a long way. And nothing beats simplicity like just the act of standing. Yes, you have read it right – standing! Standing on one leg while brushing your teeth works deep core muscles. It’s a perfect short workout, creating a degree of instability that engages the smaller muscles essential for core strength.

Well, there you have it. Some simple, and yet, effective ways to lose your post-pregnancy weight. And as a final advice, and probably the most important of all: Have faith in your goal. All of the advice given are best achieved when motivated, so stay positive and smile.




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