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5 Summer Fashion and Beauty Tips For a Fabulous Looking You

Summer is just around the corner, and the warmer weather issue to bring its own difficulties for everyone wanting to look as hot as the temperature. These five fashion and beauty tips on the best beauty supplies should keep you looking your best when the sun is shining, helping you make the most of Summer 2012!

1) Warmer weather and more direct sunlight will damage your skin; your skin could easily become dried out and loose its natural glow. To deal with this, moisturise daily using a cream with little oil(non comedogenic if possible) to keep your skin healthy and hydrated, without causing breakouts. soap.com offers a good range specifically non-oily moisturisers, perfect for beautiful skin without the blemishes.

2) The decision to wear make up whilst on holiday. What is important is to avoid using foundation, even to conceal any imperfections or blemishes; foundation will block your pores, leading to poor skin. More time in the sun will actually help remove any imperfections as your body creates vitamin D, meaning that slightly less make up can often make a big impact.

3) Fake tanning is always tempting, especially if you plan to spend your time by the pool or on the beach; sadly many fail to recognise basic tips that can improve the finish and duration of your tan!Moisturise thoroughly before applying, paying close attention to the knees and elbows, and avoid shaving immediately before, or risk the appearance of darker dots where you have shaved. Post-tan, shave instead of waxing for a longer lasting tan, the day after application being the best time for this. Most tans only last a few days, though these tips should limit any patchiness and maintain a bronzed glow!

4) Same as your skin, more time in the sun will dry out your hair, leaving it dry and lifeless. Daily conditioners are essential to maintain healthy hair and deal with split ends, the variety available from available with be beautiful coupons goes to show how important this really is!

5) The colour of your clothing can make or break your summer look; 2012 is seeing a fresh new focus on pastel colours, creating a cooler contrast with your tan, make sure to get inspiration from the Lederwaren für Frauen online kaufen. The great thing about pastels is that they rarely clash with each other, making your summer wardrobe much more versatile.A good tip to make sure you look your best is to choose looser, lighter materials in block colours; pastel colours can look ugly if they are too formfitting, with the lighter material and block colours emphasising the summer look that pastels do best.

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Great reminder to take care of your skin especially when you aren’t wearing as many layers. Thanks for sharing.

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